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Original Workshop founded in 1920

In 1965 Wray & Bruce Halliday took over the management of their father's light engineering business known as "J Halliday & Sons". The business employed six machinists and carried out general engineering, manufacturing components for farming and earthmoving equipment and undertook maintenance, repairs and engine reconditioning.

In the following years the business expanded by way of two major building programs, the acquisition of modern equipment and the training of numerous apprentices and tradesmen.

J. Halliday & Sons became a major force in Lismore and Northern New South Wales in general engineering, engine reconditioning and replacement parts manufacture, employing up to 25 people. Brake cylinder sleeving was an important part of the business from 1969 on, supplying brake specialists, garages and service stations along the East Coast of Australia.

New beginnings in 1989

In 1989, the Brake Cylinder Sleeving and General Engineering sections, under Wray Halliday, were hived off and moved to separate premises to facilitate further specialisation and development of the cylinder sleeving technology.

Wray Halliday saw the need for a manufacturer of modern purpose built machinery and tooling, to efficiently bore and sleeve all types of brake and clutch cylinders with long life stainless steel liners. 1990 was spent developing the brake and clutch cylinder sleeving equipment, and in February 1991 a patent was applied for in Australia and New Zealand on a range of adjustable boring cutters and the Universal Jig, to hold brake and clutch cylinders. The patent was granted in June 1994.

In 1997, Wray Halliday discontinued the general engineering to further specialise in the brake cylinder sleeving and manufacturing sections. Numerous export sales followed.

In 1999 the brake cylinder sleeving section was sold and Wray Halliday now devotes 100% attention to the manufacturing of high quality brake cylinder sleeving equipment. Concentrating on the international market where very little equipment exists for this process.

Halray Today

In December 2000, Halray purchased larger premises in Alstonville, to allow for greater specialisation in developing and manufacturing the brake cylinder sleeving equipment.

Halray is now the leading manufacturer of specialised high quality sleeving equipment, tooling and special stainless steel sleeves, selling equipment to some 80% of established sleeving companies in Australia and New Zealand. Also exporting equipment and technology to South Africa, United States of America, Canada and United Kingdom.

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