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ACRA-BORE 2000 Specifications

Heavy duty inclined
bed allows for easier operator access to jig and uninterrupted passage of chips and coolant to swarf tray.

Robust headstock
8" three jaw self centering chuck and 66mm (2 5/8") spindle bore with adjustable taper roller bearing.

Vari-speed Drives used to spindle and feed, controlled by two quick change, eight position switches. Both set on corresponding numbers give the recommended feed rates per revolution of 0.584mm (0.023"). Vari-speed drives give slower start up revs and feed for initial cutter entry and then increasing to a higher speed and feed giving faster throughput of cylinders without chatter.

Optional Parting & Sleeve Preparation Slide
Spindle has 2 ½" brake tube capacity. Coolant nozzle, fixed to tool slide, follows parting and chamfering tools. No time wasted resetting nozzle to tools.

Rapid Size Change
Tooling changed in seconds for various bores up to 2½" (63.5mm)

Set Up Mandrel
Swing down arm with quick change collet chuck, operated via buttons on carriage panel. Allows boring cutter to remain in place whilst cylinders are set up.

Jig Clamping by way of quick acting 2 start heavy duty thread and air operated safety lock.

Boring & Clamping Capacity
70mm (2 ¾") bore x 390mm (15 3/8") length. With primary insert removed 110mm (4 5/16") x 390mm (15 3/8")

Specially geared comfortable handwheel gives lighter and faster carriage traverse. Full bed length traversed in 7 turns of handwheel (a conventional lathe of the same length is approx. 28 turns)

Single lever
Start control for spindle, feed and coolant (on carriage control panel). Also, all stop/start functions available at headstock control panel.

Sleeve Boring Depth set by way of adjustable rod giving automatic disengagement of feed at end of boring cut.

Auto stopping of spindle, motor and coolant when carriage is in unload/load position at right hand end of bed.

Air operated Coolant Pump
Low air consumption, high output, positive coolant pressure for better chip removal.

Electric Control Enclosure on top of headstock sealed against entry of dust or moisture - pivots to suit operator. Easily set for different power sources.

Emergency stop pedal at floor level along length of machine cuts power and air to all machine functions (easily reset).

Swarf tray
Gives good capacity, front slide out unit for ease of cleaning.

Low Maintenance
Only quality components used and potential wear areas, hard chromed or hardened and ground giving virtually maintenance free operation. Linear ways pre-lubricated for 10 million cycles. Supplied with operation manual

12 Month Warranty

Painted in durable 2 pack epoxy.

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