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Wray Halliday of Halray, Alstonville has been rebuilding brake cylinders for the last 35 years.
Years before recycling became fashionable

Reclaiming unserviceable automotive components

Brake and clutch cylinder remanufacture using long life stainless steel sleeves is a process that Halray have perfected, used and marketed Australia wide and internationally.

The rebuilding industry helps the environment in the following ways:
  • Energy is conserved & air pollution reduced by keeping parts out of the resmelting process longer.
  • Raw materials are saved because of the extended life given to the product.
  • Landfills are spared from the dumping of millions of tonnes of discarded metal

Studies done by the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart, Germany indicated these results:

  • Energy saved by the remanufacturing worldwide in a year equals the electricity generated by 5 nuclear power plants or 10,774,000 barrels of crude oil which corresponds to a fleet of 233 oil tankers.
  • Raw materials saved by the remanufacturing worldwide a year fill 155,000 railroad cars forming a train 1100 miles long.

Halray have been renown for quality sleeving for the past 35 years and are now recognised nationally and internationally as the leader in press fit brake sleeving technology, tooling and equipment.

The above exerpt sourced from:
"Remanufacturing - The Ultimate Form of Recycling"
Rolf Steinhilper


 >> ACRABORE 2000
The newest addittion to the Halray range of sleeving centres is now available. For details on this amazing piece of machinery click here.


Halray has recently upgraded it's after sales services by providing access to training and technical documentation on-line. Go to on-line manual.
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