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Is the equipment of High Quality and do you offer Warranty?
Halray uses quality parts from reputable, worldwide suppliers. All spare parts are readily available. Halray guarantees to keep your downtime to a minimum. Halray offers a 12 month warranty on all tooling and equipment.

Does Halray offer training?
On purchase of any Halray sleeving system Halray or our agents offer training arranged at your premises or ours at additional cost.

How do I access any backup or technical assistance?
Assistance is available by phone, email and Halray provide a manual with the purchase of the Halray system at no additional cost. Our members can also access this manual via the website.

Where can I purchase consumables required in the sleeving process?
Halray and their agent's stock stainless steel tubing and supplies which are used in the process. Other consumables are readily available from worldwide suppliers.

Where can maintenance and repairs of tooling be performed?
Exchange of tooling, sharpening and the retipping of cutters is available from Halray or your local agent.

How versatile is the Halray Sleeving System?
The Halray system can quickly and accurately process any type of brake or clutch cylinder from ¼" to 2 ½" bore. Cylinder set up and bore size change over of tooling in 60 seconds. The CL4000 and Acrabore 2000 boring machines can also perform sleeve preparation and snap ring/ circlip grooving functions.

Is Halray committed to ongoing improvements?
A range of optional tooling and accessories are available to simplify the sleeving process. The equipment and tooling is constantly being refined.

How do I know your system works?
Halray have sold outfits worldwide. 35 years of know-how and continual upgrading ensures that you have the best brake cylinder sleeving system in the world. See testimonials

 >> ACRABORE 2000
The newest addittion to the Halray range of sleeving centres is now available. For details on this amazing piece of machinery click here.


Halray has recently upgraded it's after sales services by providing access to training and technical documentation on-line. Go to on-line manual.
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