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Halray System
1 Person is capable of sleeving a minimum of 25 assorted cylinders per day.

All Halray equipment is manufactured to the highest standard from quality materials and components from reputable international suppliers and comes with a 12 month guarantee.

-a bright outlook for the future-

Remanufacturers are in business at the right time in the history of the world to provide answers to many of our economic, environmental and employment challenges.
Grasp the opportunity and take action.

· Reclaim unserviceable, expensive or unobtainable cylinders
· 100% leak free system
· Profit generating
· The purpose built equipment is versatile and guaranteed.
· Support, technical advice and training

The Halray system is being able to efficiently and safely reclaim unserviceable, very expensive or unobtainable brake and clutch cylinders with long life stainless steel liners to original equipment manufacturers specifications.

The versatility of the equipment and tooling means that the initial outlay is lower because there are fewer machines required to cover the wide range of bores and types. Halray is willing to develop, in conjunction with our clients, special tooling specific to market needs.

Our equipment is purpose built to efficiently bore, sleeve and process all types of unserviceable, worn or corroded brake and clutch cylinders and calipers in any bore size ranging from 11mm to 2 ½"

The system has proven high profit earning potential.

The 100% leak free press fit method enables cylinders to be sleeved, kitted and safely back in the vehicle within hours. There is no time lost in curing the retaining compound as with some methods. All the steps in the sleeving process are simplified by the use of Halray's specially built tooling and equipment such as high speed steel chamfer cutters, honing machines, long stroke press, agitated cleaners and derusting equipment.

Purchasers of the Halray system get training and ongoing support from either ourselves or through our distributor network. Halray conducts training and also trains new distributors in Australia or through our distributor network.

The Halray sleeving manual is simple to use and covers the sleeving process with step by step instructions, drawings, charts, recommended chemicals and quality control advice. Halray offers a licensing and maintenance agreement with ongoing assistance and access to technology advances and sleeving manual updates.

The option to become, through our distributor network, a Halray system outlet and stockist of tooling and tubing in areas where we are currently not located.

Our sleeving system and tooling is widely used in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA and the UK by specialist brake repair companies to complement their cylinder overhaul and brake rebuilding facilities. The in-house sleeving means they are able to give customers a quality long life product and a same day service.

The system is also used by specialist brake cylinder sleeving companies and franchises offering a service to the brake repair industry, garages, service stations and the retail sector. This type of service is usually offered with optional kitting and function testing of the sleeved assemblies.

Our system would also be perfect for car, truck and bus fleet operators saving thousands of dollars per year in downtime.

The above exerpt sourced from:
"Remanufacturing - The Ultimate Form of Recycling"
Rolf Steinhilper

 >> ACRABORE 2000
The newest addittion to the Halray range of sleeving centres is now available. For details on this amazing piece of machinery click here.


Halray has recently upgraded it's after sales services by providing access to training and technical documentation on-line. Go to on-line manual.

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