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To Request an item from the list below, please select the item using either the order sheets or check boxes provided beside each product, then fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page. One of our salespeople will contact you as soon as possible in regards to quantity and payment method. If you don't find a required item please feel free to email our sales department at

  Brake Tubing, Sleeves, Sealer Retainer

HSF OD Sleeves
Order Sheet
Cast Iron Sleeves
Ideal for previously sleeved cylinders. Sleeves have larger OD than standard stainless steel tubing allowing clean up of previously sleeved body using standard Halray cutter.
Order Sheet
Stainless Steel Tubing
Precision bore hydraulic quality stainless steel tubing manufactured to:
International Standard - ASTM A269
Quality Standard - BSEN ISO 9002:1994
Type - 304
Lengths - Approx. 3 metres
Mgf Tolerance: -0.000" to +0.004" (0.000mm to +0.100mm)
Sold in single or multiple lengths and special prices for bulk orders (100 mtrs plus). Stainless Steel tubing has been used in the resleeving industry for 30 years and is currently stocked in 37 bore sizes.
Order Sheet

Stainless Steel Finished Bore Sleeves
Halray's range of specially manufactured stainless steel precision bore sleeves complementing the commercially available brake tubing.

Currently in 58 Bore sizes - metric and imperial (see size list). Varying lengths up to 9" (230mm).

One piece step bore sleeves available. To fit step bore tandem master cylinder (main bore x front bore).

11/16" x .662"
13/16" x .772"
1 1/2" x 1.472"
.700" x .662"
7/8" x 0.837"
1 3/4" x 1.720"
3/4" x .712"
1" x .962"
Special sizes not in the standard range can usually be made to order.

Proven manufacturing process and quality. Our special sleeves have been used in the brake industry for over 30 years.
Bore Tolerance: -0.000" to +0.004" (-0.000mm to +0.100mm)

Order Sheet
Adj Boring Cutters Order Sheet
Set-up Mandrel Order Sheet

  Cleaning and Derusting

Agitated Chemical Cleaning Unit
Cleaning bath, Drain tray and wire basket

  Sleeve Preparation

Circlip grooving bar with adj depth stop
Tips for Circlip grooving bar
Parting off and Chamfering bar
Parting blade
Chamfering Tips
Parting Tool - Disposable
Chamfering Tool - Disposable

  Cylinder Preparation

Cylinder end facing cutter set
Handbrake type wheel cylinder pre machining mandrel

  Setting Up & Clamping

Set Up Mandrels
Set Up Plates
Transverse wheel cylinder support
Centre 60 Degree
Centre 90 Degree
Angular plates
Ball type support plates
T Support plate
U Support plate
Extended set up plates for m/c w/pedal bracket

  Boring Machines

7" Resleeving System

  Press Fitting Sleeves

Hydraulic press - 10 tonne

  Drills, Drilling Jigs, Guides

Electronic variable speed bench drill
Geared head pedestal drill
Foot switch
Drill vice
Drilling guides
.7mm drills
.7mm drills inc. extension
Tin can master cyl drilling jig
Fluid port drilling guides
3/8" web thinned compensating drill
17/64" flat bottom compensating drill
1/8" compensating drill
5/32" compensating drill


High speed 60 Degree steel chamfer cutters & extension drive


Caliper Gauges
Telescopic Gauge Set
Extended Telescopic Gauge Set

  Honing & Lapping

Honing Machine
Centre valve refacing set
Honing Tape
Hone Head
Adaptor Chuck

  Halray Part Inquiry Form


Please select items above to request parts. If you do not find a specific product please feel free to email us and ask for the product directly on

 >> ACRABORE 2000
The newest addittion to the Halray range of sleeving centres is now available. For details on this amazing piece of machinery click here.


Halray has recently upgraded it's after sales services by providing access to training and technical documentation on-line. Go to on-line manual.
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