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John Jones
Clutch & Brake supplies - CapeTown
"We recently held two in-company demonstration evenings for our reps and branch managers where we proposed tandem master cylinders (sleeve and overhaul) in 40 minutes each. All were duely impressed!! Your system couples with a much more positive attitude in the department has made a tremendous difference."
Fred Anderson
"In a nutshell, we have found it to be reliable, efficient and simple to use. We even have non-skilled people who use the system with no problems at all. Everyone has been impressed on how well made it is and the quality finish."
Noel Williamson
Brakemart Mackay
"Productivity in the boring area has increased considerably since changing to your system. All the personnel using your system agree it is simple, effective and accurate.

As a result of our experience with your Boring System, I can strongly recommend it to any prospective purchaser, and am quite willing to discuss it personally with anyone who might wish."

Bob Edmund
Apple Hydraulics - New York
"The parts have arrived safely. I am impressed with the quality of your workmanship. I commend you and your staff on such a superb product."
Dave Hutton
Clutch & Brake Supplies, Port Elizabeth
"Our own operation in Port Elizabeth is going very well and many happy customers and us enjoying a good gross margin (and no leakers!)."
Bradley Caldwell
Numurkah Brake & Spares
"We purchased the Halray brake resleeving system in February 2000, now having used it for 15 months. The equipment itself has given virtually faultless service. We have been pleased with the ease of use of the system, and the fact it delivers a quality job every time.

Halray have delivered the backup service they promised, and we indeed needed, helping out with questions and queries when they arose. We also used Halray exclusively as a supplier of stainless steel tubing, without any troubles.

We would strongly recommend the Halray Resleeving system to anyone interested in starting in the industry"

Philip Myburg
Clutch & Brake Supplies, Capetown
"You will be happy to know that we are thrilled with the progress we have made in our Hydraulic Department.

All our sales people and Branch Managers have seen how speedily jobs are done and how fine the quality is.

We have reason to believe that we have made the right decision in purchasing your technology and we are looking forward to a long, happy and prosperous relationship."

Derry Greeneklee
Power Brakes
"My trip was well worthwhile… to demonstrate the lathe and other equipment, I came home greatly encouraged to think that we can improve our production greatly by using your ingenious products."
Meryl Woodward & Gary Arthurson
ACT Brakes, Canberra
"It is some 3 months since you commissioned our new model CL4000 sleeving system and we are writing to tell you how delighted we are with the results that we are now achieving with it. Although we have not widely promoted the service that we can now offer, the venture proved revenue positive from the outset and we are confident that with the advertising we have planned the system will add significantly to our business.

The smooth implementation of the system can be attributed to 2 factors, firstly the quality of design and construction of the equipment and secondly the comprehensive on-site training that you personally provided to our staff. We would like to thank you personally for your attention in this regard. The ongoing after sales service has also been excellent with prompt attention being given to technical queries and equipment and stock orders.

Please do not hesitate to refer us to any of your potential clients… for a reference on your excellent equipment and service."

Ron Karp
Karps Power Brake Service, Upland CA, USA
"I originally looked into resleeving for repairs within my power brake rebuilding business. After looking in the US, I was disappointed with the slip-shot methods of installing either brass or steel sleeves that required glue or sealer. I heard about the Halray method from another satisfied Halray customer in South Africa. I then proceeded to look into Mr. Haliday's system by speaking to him and making a trip to Australia first hand. I then saw the Halray method in person. I was so impressed I then purchased the Halray Sleeving System to compliment my booster rebuilding parts and remanufacturing business for in-house repairs.

The ease of set up, operation, speed and reliability of finished product was the determining factor in the purchase of the Halray Equipment. An average person, with very little machinist ability can use this machine.

After 12 months I have found, with very little promotion, that the sleeving department is now generating good profits from general outside sleeving over and above my own in-house work.

We were so happy with the equipment and end product that we now represent Halray in the USA and carry stocks of tooling, equipment and stainless steel precision bore tubing."

Denis J Ward
Brisbane Water Brake Service
"For the past twenty five years this company has been a customer of Halray, who have sleeved our brake components, along with other parts, such as worn mandrels and water pumps.

Halray provides a fast and efficient service, which results in minimum down time especially for commercial vehicles, therefore allowing us to give our customers a guaranteed product at a reasonable price, which leads to greater satisfaction for us and our customers.

The qualities set by Halray are of the highest strength and would be very hard to equal.

I have no hesitation in recommending Halray to any interested party."

John Canning
Newcastle Brake & Clutch
"Wray Halliday has been effecting repairs for my companies for more than 20 years. He has undertaken work varying from his standard sleeving procedure through to a range of tasks culminating in specialised work for the Australian Defence Forces.

He continues to stay in touch with our needs and performs our repairs quickly and efficiently, but most importantly without leaks or comebacks.

Wray has seen competitors come and go and I am sure he continues to prosper through his market awareness and professionalism.

When I recently requested specifications on materials and procedures to satisfy a government department enquiry, Wray airbagged them overnight to me and I was able to successfully lodge my tender the following day, this response is typical of his business-like approach.

Anyone who may be considering entering into a business arrangement with Wray can rest assured they will be dealing with a competent and thorough professional."

Bruce Smith
"Last year, as you know, I had the opportunity while in Lismore, to view the press fit sleeving process in your workshop. I was impressed with the quality of equipment you have developed over the years and this combined with the professional method you use in sleeving. I can now see why the Halray sleeving method is the best and safest around.

We will continue to have confidence in Halray and recommending your sleeved cylinders to our customers."


 >> ACRABORE 2000
The newest addittion to the Halray range of sleeving centres is now available. For details on this amazing piece of machinery click here.


Halray has recently upgraded it's after sales services by providing access to training and technical documentation on-line. Go to on-line manual.
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